Julia's Nikonchuk Photo

Julia Nikonchuk is a San Francisco/Los Angeles based fashion, commercial and fine art photographer, and one of the leading wedding photographers working in the USA today. Born in Belarus, she had worked with Belarusian celebrities in album covers and commercial videos. After working at her country of origin in TV companies and magazines, for five years and two exhibitions in Minsk, she left for Europe, mainly France, to do freelance projects. To get a higher level of commercial and fashion photography she moved to the United States, and start working in the model business and movie field. With her diverse experience in the past 7 years she have created a unique style that combines creative portraiture with highly emotional truthful essence: "There are no rules in photography, only what you feel inside – that’s the main rule… As a photographer I am dedicated, flexible, and a proactive thinker willing to take on any assignment."